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I would loved to have seen the pics but that picture you drew says it all! As for those lucky people with snow blowers? Well, let's just say whether you's shoveling or blowing snow, it still hard labor and I have pains in places that I should never have know existed. Who wants to put icy hot on that pain? I'm sure the rest of our winter will be mild in comparison to that mess and hopefully if it does snow like that again, it will be Sunday into Monday and we can all have a snow day!!


Ha, so true :) Then again it probably wouldn't be that bad if you had less to shovel but if that were the case, why would you need to snow blower? Glad we could all suffer together.

Oh, and I wouldn't put icy hot on those places ... I can't imagine the chemical burn *that* would cause ...

All Sorts of Good Stuff

You two are just too much! If we hurt it goes to show how old we are getting. When is BB going to be old enough so we can make her do it. BB hurry up and get to be a teenager already and make friends, my sciatic nerve can't take all this shoveling.


I think 3 is the perfect age to start 'shubeling', don't you think?

All Sorts of Good Stuff

Yes, 3 is the perfect age for shubeling, we'll event get her a pink shuble that she'll lub to use.

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