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My dearest sister I apologize for not trusting in your ability to recognize individuals. Yes you were quiet right, we have had the privilege of seeing Ms. Fairfax perform in a prior piece. Thank you for your kind instruction, I am exceeding grateful. I do hope your daughter becomes acquainted with our dear Ms. Austen so that we may all be able to enjoy the coming events without interruption. :) and I simply cannot await your latest creation, most exciting news indeed.
yours etc. Sara


You're very welcome, my dear :)


Be not alarmed, sister, on receiving this comment, by the apprehension of its containing any negative words which maynot be surprising to you. I write with the intention of granting my best wishes and to commend you on the effort with which the formation and the perusal of this comment must occasion. Should I have spared this comment then you would not know how ardently I feel regarding your post referencing a Ms. Jane Austen of whom I am very familiar.

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