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Sujata Shah


I think your quilt is looking petty nice! Looks like you are going to finish it very soon too. I enjoyed reading your posts and thanks for your kind words about your experience in the class.
Certain someone, who is by the way is SO adorable is going to love the quilt you are making for her! Can't wait to see it finished!


Hey soul sistah! That's a beautiful quilt, I'm sure the finished product will be perfect. I didn't get to see your design until now, you must have been hiding it. :( See you later.....


I love your quilt and yes the class was just amazing. You did a great job!!!!! So proud of you. I never though I would make a quilt, it was just going to be too hard but our lovely teacher and her brilliant design turned my opinion upside down. I can't wait to show off my quilt too, very soon.


Thank you so much and thanks for being such a fantastic teacher! Oh, and by the way, the little Miss has taken a peek at her quilt and is in love :)


Yes, we were in a bit of a rush that day and very soon you'll get to see the finished product (crossing my fingers!).


Thanks, taking the class was totally worth it! We were so lucky to have a fantastic teacher :) I can't wait to see your quilt done as well!!

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